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Hi Everyone!!

Thanks for stopping by Sol Sisters! My name is Shelby and I have a passionate story behind starting this company that I would love to share with you.

In the summer of 2013 I suffered a severe third degree burn which caused permanent damage to my skin. I was burned by the unsuspecting assailant of lime juice. Its a condition called Phytophotodermatitis. I know, crazy name right? But because of this burn my skin has become extra sun sensitive, which makes me a prime target for skin cancer. With being as fair skinned as I am, and this new-found extra sensitivity, I have to be careful how much I expose myself to the sun's harmful UV rays, for fear of getting skin cancer.

So I went searching for a solution, and I came across UV protective clothing. However, what I found was mostly bland hiking gear and swimwear. Not what your average college student wears on a daily basis, am I right? I don't exactly want to be "Safari Shelby" everyday. So I decided to create the one-stop-shop for UV protection: Sol Sisters. I have collected clothing, cosmetics, and accessories from around the world to provide sun sensitive women like myself with a wide selection of attractive fashion choices that also have UV protective elements. I don't believe that we should have to compromise the safety of our health for our choice in fashion and expressing our personality.

I currently live in Huntington Beach, California and am a college student at UC Irvine. I am passionate to create not only a store with fashionable sun protective solutions, but also unite a community of women who struggle with the same sun sensitivity issue. I want to provide a positive space for women to share their stories, struggles, and solutions for this problem we all deal with on a daily basis. 

If there is any questions or concerns you have, send them my way and I will be happy to answer whatever you wanna know about our company!



About the Company

Our company is a one stop shop for the everyday women’s sun protective needs. Sol Sisters provides fashionable UV protective clothing, cosmetics, and accessories at an affordable price. We also keep up with the latest trends and fashions so that our customer is provided with a variety of options, along with the guarantee of UV protection. We have collected UV protective pieces from around the world, such as Canada, and here at home in the United States. We have chosen the most fashionable and stylish pieces from across the globe to put in our shop that cater to the Sol Sisters brand. At Sol Sisters, compromise is never an option; whether it be expressing your personality through your fashion, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays, or even your budget, we will always put your values first.