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Banana Leaf Beauty

Shelby Anderson

Banana Leaf Beauty
Focus: High Collar


Hi Everyone! Today I wore my Blue Banana Leaf Sleeve-less Tunic with a pair of black leggings and a black cardigan. It was rather humid today so I was glad for the sleeve-less aspect of the tunic, I was a lot more comfortable and I was happy for the breathable feel. I really loved the tunic, it was my first time wearing it out and about, it was super cute with the leggings since the top has a longer length, which is awesome. I highly recommend the tunic if you are concerned about protecting areas of your neck, since the collar goes pretty high up. The neckline is also pretty high, while still having a stylish V-neck aspect. It was the perfect outfit for the last day of school and saying hello to summer!


Blue Banana Leaf Sleeve-less Tunic

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